October 12, 2015

The Holiday We All Missed

Labor day has passed, and so has Columbus day, for those who celebrate it.  But there was one holiday we have overlooked.  An important holiday.  That holiday was National Tuxedo Day! Yup, you heard it, October 10th marked National Tuxedo day.  The day set aside to celebrate tuxedos all over the world.  Whether you wear them for your best friend's wedding that you tried to talk him out of, or to that dreaded company Christmas party, that your girlfriend drug you to against your will.  Well here are a few tips I like to use when I prepare for a formal event.  I can at least look good, even if I am not having a good time, right?

Always go for a classic black tuxedo, with one button. notch or peak lapel. side vented, and flat front pants.  If nothing else in your wardrobe fits properly, a tuxedo should fit properly.  Fitting properly does not mean so tight that you have the "x" effect in the front, but it does mean there should be no excess fabric in the back that appear to look like a curtain.  Be sure to show a quarter inch of the shirt sleeve, shoulders are properly fitting, and pants are not too loose or tight.  Remember NO CUFFS on those pants.  Keep it at a plain hem,  For my trendier crowd, you may opt for a midnight blue tuxedo with a shawl collar, but don't compromise on the fit, same rules apply.

So I know most of you guys may or may not have borrowed your dad's tuxedo shirt from the 70's with the large ruffles in the front.  If so, kindly give him back his shirt.  The tuxedo shirt should be minimal.  You may go for a pleated front shirt or plain pique front.  Your choice, generally the classic men (no pun intended), may go for a pleated front shirt, and my modern gentlemen will most likely choose a pique plain front shirt.  Don't forget it's either a point collar or wing collar.  No exceptions.

Ditch the tie, add the bowtie.  You are not heading to the board meeting that you forgot about at the office.  And for crying out loud, please do not wear a pre-tied bowtie.  You use YouTube for everything else, use it to learn how to tie that bowtie, or stay tuned on my blog.  Whichever one comes first.  Be sure to use those little "things" called studs.  They go in the button holes in the front of your shirt.  Coordinate a simple pocket square for effect.  The socks should be black and over the calf.  Gents, this is not the time to show off your trivial personality vicariously through your socks.  So leave the happy socks, and bold colorful socks for that ugly Christmas sweater party that is coming not too long from now.  Take advantage of braces to hold those pants up.  Belts are not permitted with tuxedos.  Put on your designer watch, but make sure it coordinates with metal on your other accessories.  For example, a silver watch should match those silver studs and cufflinks.  Pretty simple right?

No, you are not allowed to wear those converses or your office wingtips with your tuxedo.  I know it sounds so tempting.  Shoot for a simple pair of patent leather oxfords or slip-ons.  If you are one of those trendy gentlemen that can pull off English slippers or velvet slippers, I salute you! Go for it!

Extra tips

  • Refer to the above
  • Double-breasted tuxedo jackets should have a peak lapel
  • Don't bath in your favorite fragrance
  • No socks? Are you that guy? Fine, just have clean feet, or use liners
  • Most importantly, have fun, even if you bend the rules a bit, have fun in your tuxedo.  Don't be such a humdrum.  
  • Check out The Black Tux Collection for all your tuxedo needs, you will thank me later. I promise

Best of AGW